Lifelong learning

The fundamentals of Adult Learning and Education, Community Learning Centres and Lifelong Learning in 11 modules!

This course gives a basic introduction to help you develop effective lifelong learning policies and practices for your community. Developed by experts in lifelong learning and adult education, and based on research and lessons from the last 20 years across adult and community learning projects in Asia-Pacific. Everything you need to know, explained in simple terms.

For Whom?

  • Educational policy-makers
  • Managers and facilitators of Community Learning Centres
  • Lifelong learning service providers
  • Students of lifelong learning

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Concept of lifelong learning  
  • Finance lifelong learning programmes 
  • Become a leader of lifelong learning 
  • Train quality adult learning facilitators
  • Target learners with different learning needs
  • Build sustainable community learning centres   
  • Create equivalency system with good governance 
  • Integrate ICT for lifelong learning
  • Teach and assess literacy

How To Start

Watch the videos in each module and take the quizzes. Complete 11 modules to obtain a certificate from UNESCO Bangkok.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction & What is lifelong learning?
Module 2: Financing Adult for Lifelong Learning
Module 3: Leadership
Module 4: Training Quality Adult Learning Facilitators
Module 5: Targeting Groups with Different Learning Requirements
Module 6: Sustainable Community Learning Centres
Module 7: Good Governance for Lifelong Learning
Module 8: Equivalency Programmes & National Qualifications Frameworks
Module 9: ICT and Lifelong Learning
Module 10: From Basic Literacy to Multiple Literacies
Module 11: Literacy Assessment

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