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10.3 How can we promote multiple literacies?

In this unit, we look at how to develop the wider essential skills needed by looking at some case examples. Learning Goals   Reflect on a range of approaches to teaching the wider and essential multiple literacies the communities may need.   Resource

publish December 18, 2019 1321
10.2 What are key factors to a successful and effective basic literacy programme?

In this unit, we look at how basic literacy programmes have been implemented successfully. Learning Goals   Understand some of the strategies and key factors to the successful basic literacy Programmes.   Resources   Fostering a culture of readi

publish December 18, 2019 1316
10.1 What is Literacy and Challenges

In this unit, we look at how understandings of literacy have evolved, and beyond it; what kind of multiple literacies are needed for people to thrive in their communities of the future. Learning Goals   Understand what literacy is, and reflect on some of

publish December 18, 2019 1941
9.2 How Can we use ICT to Support Lifelong Learning?

In this unit, we’ll look at some of the ways we can leverage ICT to support our lifelong learning plans. In doing so, we carve out 3 key Areas and look at 5 Approaches to adopt. Learning Goals   Reflect on some key strategies and cases to leverage ICT t

publish November 5, 2019 72,567
9.1 What Opportunities Does ICT Offer?

In this unit, we’ll introduce the overall landscape and look at 3 Key Areas or trends of opportunity that ICT offers: 1) Online Learning, 2) Connecting People and 3) Personalizing Content. Learning Goals   Describe some of the latest ICT trends and the

publish November 4, 2019 37,135

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11.3 Innovative Approaches

In this unit, we introduce the ways literacy and numeracy have been measured from the past to the present, and look at how we can expand our measures to assess wider 21st century skills as well. Learning Goals   Learn about 3 innovative cases: (1) adaptat

publish November 4, 2019 4019
2.2 State Finance

In this unit, we introduce how state finance works, how it’s commonly disbursed, and how we can raise more public funds to support adult learning programmes in our communities. Learning Goals   Explain how state finance works, how it’s commonly di

publish November 4, 2019 18,220
1.1 Introduction & What is lifelong learning?

In this unit, we introduce what lifelong learning is and what it means for us. Learning Goals   Understand the current status of learning and the need to develop systems which support lifelong learning   Resources   Conceptual evolution and poli

publish November 4, 2019 57,855



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